Sunday, 25 March 2012

okkk, now i wanna do something new, for me..

huh, neves!..for the first time, i feels like writing, (some people said it can reduce stress, i hope so). so here it is, my first entry, about the upper respiratory tract infection, that i suffered from right now..uhuk3..
but i think mine is only pharyngitis, not so severe..kot..haha anyway i'm not gonna discuss about all of these diseases, u can juz google it up somewhere..haha

but being sick, made me really ****** up, i cannot do anything (instead juz laying down in my bed), i lose my appetite, i lose my energy (protein2 yg aku makan msti abis tbakar dh ni) & etc (end of thinking capacity)..haha

but somehow, my mind is free..its empty..feels like there r no problem at all (except my sickness)..all those keserabutan smua ilang..alhamdulillah, itulah kuasa ALLAH..HE always knows what is best for me..:-)
i will never lose hope on HIM, so did u guys ok!..haha

p/s : always be nice to other people, no matter how they treat u, insyaAllah u'll get what u deserved, later on in ur life...~

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